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Expecting baby? Congratulations :-)!

   Pregnancy, birth and some weeks after are very gentle, sensitive period, very important either for a mother or a baby. You both are about to experience quite miraculous, yet sometimes too intensive time..many things will change for good, many new ones will come up..enjoy every moment of being MotherBaby :-)!

   As a trained doula, woman guide through pregnancy, birth and postpartum weeks, I am prepared to be there for you especially like this :-):


- to discuss any related topics

- to guide through yoga exercises or belly dance techniques suitable for pregnant women

- to help to find relevant informations

- to interprete


- releasing and relaxing methods

- psychical and physical support

- to interprete

Postpartum period

- to discuss labour and early motherhood emotions and experiences

- to help with breastfeeding, lotus birth, elimination communication, baby wrap-carrying

- to do some housework

- to show some tricks for living with a baby - how to carry newborn in a sling, elimination communication method, attachment parenting etc.


And many more..don´t hesitate to ask :-)!


Meeting / visit (at home, in a hospital)

1 hour.....400 CZK

2 hours...500 CZK

3 hours...600 CZK

Emergency (being prepared for urged arrival to the birth, since 39th week of pregnancy = 38+1)

1 500 CZK

Support during labour (incl. 1 postpartum visit)

3 000 CZK

Support during planned C-section (incl. 2 postpartum visits)

2 000 CZK


Looking forward to hearing from you :-)!


Sylvie Gaarová


+ 420 777 901 399